Welcome to the Slackware Blog. I’m excited about this. I can’t yet say wether all the excitement comes from a new blog, a Slackware blog, or just this WordPress install. The WordPress dashboard here at wordpress.com rocks, it’s very beautiful.

I don’t really know how quickly this blog is going to grow, it all depends I guess. I’d like to find someone to co-author this blog with me, but that may prove difficult. There’s no way in hell I can devote as much time to this blog as I do my original and, until today, my only blog.

With Slackware 10.2 recently released, I figure it makes sense to start a Slackware blog. Don’t ask me why that makes sense, cuz I can’t answer that. I’ve got so many ideas for posts, hopefully they stick around till I get em down on paper or into this blog. More tomorrow…


About Tyler

Hi! I'm Tyler, a freelance web developer. I have two beautiful daughters and beautiful wife I like PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Git, HTML5 & CSS3, and other neat things. I really love the open source community, too. You can find me on twitter or Google+, and Github.
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3 Responses to Welcome

  1. joeshum says:

    was browsing online for some info on slackware 10.2 and came across your blog… its actually the #1 hit on google for “slackware blogs”… hope you plan to keep it up…


  2. BaconLT says:

    Great work putting up a Slackware blog. It’s amazing nobody did sooner, being arguably the most robust os out there, and certainly one of the oldest. I’m going to add an RSS feed to my netvibes right away. Keep it up!


  3. urban says:

    it’s obviously been a while since you’ve updated this, so i hope you still check/look at it. you mention that you may be looking for someone to contribute to this, and i am interested in adding my two cents. i’ve been using slack for about 10 years and would add my opinions of the distro as compares to other distros/OSes, along with new tech info, news, and tips when i can think of any.

    i’m also a pretty busy person, but if you’re interested, send an email my way.


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