First off, I'd like to thank Tyler for allowing me to help out with this blog.

I've been using Slackware since 1995-96, around 3.0. A Windows user only for years before that, and an avid computer enthusiast, I did much research at the time to find that Slackware was what I needed not only to learn Linux, but to make it work for me. I've tried many other distributions over the years, but keep coming back to Slackware. I suppose the biggest drawing factor is the fact that if something goes wrong, I did something wrong. And the BSD-style init.

I've been windows-free at home for over a year now, and the hardest part is trying to convey my point of view to others. Other Linux users understand what it means to talk computers to Windows users. It's a hard thing to explain, but I tend to liken it to an intervention to help a family member kick drugs. You know they're hurting themselves, you know how much better off without it they'd be, but they are too used to and dependent on it to do anything about it. They'll claim that it's not causing problems, and they need it. And to top the analogy off, there's some very rich dealers in the state of Washington who don't care who they're hurting.

I'll keep trying to save these people, because I care about their well-being, but mostly because I care about the well-being of FOSS, GNU, FSF, and other acronyms that make life worth living.

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