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Pre-Order Slackware 11

I expect we’ll start seeing some slackware-11.0 packages showing up in slackware-current soon. Anyone know if /etc/slackware-version has been updated in -current yet? It’s hard to say exactly when we’ll see Slackware 11 officially released. In the months before a … Continue reading

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More Switching

Steve Castle is thinking about switching himself over to linux. So far, it’s a choice between Slackware and Ubuntu. Good choices. I mean, I would never choose Ubuntu, for obvious reasons. I’ve been playing around with a few LiveCD distros … Continue reading

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Slackware changelog May 3rd

Several updates were included in the -current tree recently, one notable change is a security fix to x11. This bug (which consists of a single missing bracket) would allow users to execute arbitrary code as root. It is suggested you … Continue reading

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Slackware Resource Site

Eric Hameleers runs a great slackware resource site that many people probably don’t know about. I was unaware of it’s existance until I came across this post at StrayPackets. So, what’s so great about this site you ask? StrayPackets put … Continue reading

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Glen Journeay has done a review of Dropline Gnome 2.14.0 over at Dropline Gnome 2.14.1 was released on May 01. Glen paints a very positive portrait in his review, prompting one commenter to give DLG a try. Here’s his … Continue reading

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