Slackware Resource Site

Eric Hameleers runs a great slackware resource site that many people probably don’t know about. I was unaware of it’s existance until I came across this post at StrayPackets.

So, what’s so great about this site you ask? StrayPackets put it pretty well, so I’ll just let them explain:

  1. Many SlackBuild scripts that automate the downloading and building of source code into packages ready to be installed on Slackware
  2. Modified versions of important Slackware scripts like rc.wireless and rc.inet1
  3. DHCP scripts that let you run commands when your DHCP client obtains or releases an IP address, like starting your firewall;
  4. Some handy hints and documentation on Slackware specifically and Linux in general; I found the the wireless docs especially useful

When they say “many SlackBuild scripts”, they really do mean many SlackBuild scripts. I count about 100 or so. The site is hosted on, although there aren’t any references to it from the official site. I’m willing to bet this is a pretty much unknown site, Google only found three links to it.


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