Pre-Order Slackware 11

I expect we’ll start seeing some slackware-11.0 packages showing up in slackware-current soon. Anyone know if /etc/slackware-version has been updated in -current yet?

It’s hard to say exactly when we’ll see Slackware 11 officially released. In the months before a new release, there’s always huge amounts of speculation going on as to the exact release date. I’d expect to see Slackware 11.0 go official by the end of July.

Anyway, want to pre-order Slackware 11? Head over to the slackware store to pick up the DVD or the CD set.


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One Response to Pre-Order Slackware 11

  1. cellx says:

    i emailed their sales department and they said it’s probably coming out the end of june.. I CAN’T WAIT either =P

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