Looking Ahead: Slackware 11

Well, we’re getting closer to a Slackware 11 release. What kind of software goodies can we expect from this release? On May 31st, KDE released KDE 3.5.3, which has since been included in slackware-current. Unless KDE makes another release soon, I expect we’ll see KDE 3.5.3 included in Slackware 11.

Slackware 11 is still using a 2.4 kernel by default, with the kernel in “testing”. Chess Griffin is guessing Slackware 11 will be released on June 25th. I don’t think that’s gonna happen, but Chess made that guess back in May. I am guessing that Slackware 11 will be released around August 11th. I say that because we haven’t even seen Slackware 11 Beta 1 yet.

I would expect to see a 2.6 kernel as the default kernel in Slackware 11. Having a 2.4 kernel as the default is something people like to poke fun at Slackware for. Now that kernel 2.6 has been around for a few years, I expect Patrick will set it as the default. Patrick will make the right decision, as he always has, no matter which kernel he chooses to set as the default.

Other new software that will be included in Slackware 11 is MySQL 5.0, Apache 1.3.36, PHP 4.4.2, Mozilla Firefox, Mozilla Thunderbird, and X11 6.9.0. Now, this is software that’s currently included in slackware-current, so the version numbers may change slightly before Slackware 11 is actually released.

So far, it looks like we can expect a nicely polished release of Slackware 11, as usual. I’m just hoping Patrick decides to go with a 2.6 kernel by default.

On a somewhat releated note, this guy here at wordpress.com seems to be addicted to his Slackware box. Apparently it’s caused him to miss a few lunches, he’s having trouble dragging himself away from the beauty that is Slackware.

Somebody should drag me away from my PC. Ever since I installed Slackware on it, I could not get myself to stay away from the damn thing. My eyes are hurting, and my stomach is grumbling from missed lunches.


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Hi! I'm Tyler, a freelance web developer. I have two beautiful daughters and beautiful wife I like PHP, JavaScript, WordPress, Git, HTML5 & CSS3, and other neat things. I really love the open source community, too. You can find me on twitter or Google+, and Github.
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13 Responses to Looking Ahead: Slackware 11

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  2. Another interesting thing is the addition of the acl (access control lists) package in the a series.

    I know that Volkerding was never fond of PAM. I guess he found an enhanced file permissions package he could endorse for Slackware.

    p.s. Thanks for the link. Repaid in kind.

  3. Chess says:

    Hey, nice site! I think having a Slack-centric blog is a great idea.

    Yeah, my June 25 prediction is not looking too good. 🙂 But, then, my predictions are never very good. Pat can take as long as he wants — it’ll be another great release, whenever it appears.

    I find it interesting that he’s sticking with Apache 1.3.x and not going up to Apache 2. Not that I care — I use Apache 1.3.x on my site and it works great. Just goes to show you that stability is priority #1 for Pat, which is fine by me.

  4. >I find it interesting that he’s sticking with >Apache 1.3.x and not going up to Apache 2. Not >that I care — I use Apache 1.3.x on my site and it >works great. Just goes to show you that stability >is priority #1 for Pat, which is fine by me.

    I was on a forum trying to help solve an SSI problem on Apache. It worked for me but nothing we tried produced results. Turned out to be a bug in the 2 version of Apache that wasn’t in 1.3. Volkerding’s has the right idea.

  5. tyler says:

    Personally, I’ve been using apache 2 since it came out on slack boxes, although never with SSL. I even use it on some production boxes at work that serve about 20GB of data daily. They’re pretty minimal configurations though, with only PHP and very few other apache modules loaded.

    I know most production environments use apache 1.3.x. Pat will move to 2.x when it becomes more standard, if that ever happens, heh.

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  7. Mr Spoon says:

    Sept 9th and its not out yet! Who wants to make the next prediction? I feel its going to be soon, and am willing to bet this post-it note that it will be released on October 7th.

  8. tyler says:

    September 15th. no doubt. 🙂

  9. KalDurak says:

    Slacker XI – Christmas – 2006?

    Maybe Pat will dress up as Santa and bring us good folks a nice set of ISOs to download? =-)

  10. Bru says:

    Anne ma chère Anne, ne vois tu rien venir?

    When will it be out really, coz I’m waiting for a Slackware version with kernel 2.6 as default.

  11. YourPadre says:

    Slackware 11.0 realeased 🙂
    Pat is BAD
    Slack 10.2 2005-09-14 — Slack 11.0 2006-10-03
    more a year ;(

  12. Tricster says:

    Yeah, and still has a 2 year old kernel.

  13. Jason Kennerly says:

    Word of warning: “Install All” will stick you with a 2.4.x kernel source tree, and apache 1.something (didn’t apache 2 come out half a decade ago or so?!?!)

    I should have expected it, really. This dude is definitely even older than me. …and he’s probably just as sick of having to update things, if not a dozen times moreso. AGP3x support? Honestly, I don’t need it. I just wanted to see sproingies smoothly sliding down their qbert-like stairs once in my life, thats all. I thought my 100% depreciated (over 3yrs old!) all too common hardware choices (KT400, ATI Radeon) would be supported by a default kernel these days. Sigh.

    But I did need Apache 2 preinstalled and working, and while the option of switching it in exists, I was seriously hoping to just have it, with options for PHP, Perl, and all that other good stuff set up so secure they don’t work at all for most apps (then can turn down ourselves).

    I’m about 16 man-hours into this install (using it now) and I have the impression that “Gentoo” would have been a much less labor-intensive way to optimize a system.

    Still, theres no feeling quite like the warmth of those beautiful text boxes on blue background, same as they were a dozen years ago, except now flashing by so quickly that in many cases, the video card can’t complete a single vertical refresh before the installer has gone on to the next package 🙂

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