Slackware 11.0 Soon

Patrick was hard at work yesterday uploading new packages to slackware-current. Take note of the following ChangeLog entry:

xap/fluxbox-1.0rc-i486-1.tgz: Upgraded to fluxbox-1.0rc.
I considered using –prefix=/usr here since X.Org will be moving from
/usr/X11R6 to /usr when Slackware absorbs the modular release, but I
think it will be best to wait and make those changes all at once.
This, BTW, will be sometime after the 11.0 release. This current to
stable cycle has already taken too much time (10.2 is in need of
replacement), and introducing changes that might break things at this
point would be foolhardy. Although there’s still quite a bit in the
TODO queue here I’m making my steps carefully as -current is very
stable, and I think it should ship as a stable 11.0 soon so that we can
get back to the business of breaking things in -current.

That’s exciting! Sounds like Pat is wanting to get 11.0 out the door so he can get back to breaking things in -current! Along with the upgrade to Fluxbox, yesterday saw a security update for Sendmail. The complete advisory from Sendmail can be found here. We also got new versions of XChat, ImageMagick, and nmap.


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