Linux Kernel 2.6.17

Version 2.6.17 of the linux kernel came out today. The last 2.6.16 kernel we saw was, and the 2.6.16 was the latest stable release for a good period of time.

I know a 2.4 kernel is still default in slackware-current, but I think we’ll see a kernel out of the 2.6.17 series make the debut as the default kernel in Slackware 11. I don’t have any specific reasoning behind that statement, I just feel it.


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One Response to Linux Kernel 2.6.17

  1. AnonymousSlacker says:

    I think it is too late for the default kernel to change, 11.0 is so close :-). I don’t think Patrick will use 2.6.17 at all, 2.6.16.x will stay. It is stable enough now and support is not over for it. There is a release already (even though you cannot see it in the homepage), I feel it will be in the /testing directory too.
    Have fun slacking!

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