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Slackware ChangeLog: July 30th

Lots of entries in the slackware-current changelog for July 30th. The 2.4.32 kernel got patched to fix X11 direct rendering with X.Org 6.9.0 and newer. MySQL was reverted from 5.0.23 back to 5.0.22. Why you ask? MySQL 5.0.23 was never … Continue reading

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Dreamhost Outage

Dreamhost is having some problems: There has apparently been another power outage at the datacenter. One of the generators caught fire and they were taken offline. We’re waiting for more information and we’ll post here as soon as we hear … Continue reading

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Slackware ChangeLog: July 26th

Closer to a Slackware 11 Beta. Pat made a pretty huge update to the -current ChangeLog today. Libpng was upgraded to 1.2.12. Upgraded Lilo to version Mutt was upgraded to fix a buffer overflow. Samba was upgraded to version … Continue reading

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Slackware ChangeLog: July 14th

Literally hours after I made this post, Patrick updated the slackware-current changelog: Fri Jul 14 18:31:20 CDT 2006 We *are* getting closer to 11.0, friends. I’m hoping for a larger changeset soon, but this should be fun to play with … Continue reading

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Powerbook Destroyed

Look at what this guy has done to his Powerbook (via Real Tech News). I’d get a bunch of pr0n etched on mine. Forget Web 2.0. If I was gonna destory a Powerbook I’d do it right. heh. Chances are … Continue reading

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Time for a Slackware 11 Beta

I feel a Slackware 11 Beta release coming on in the next few days. Why? We haven’t seen any updates to the slackware-current changelog in 15 days. I’m hoping Pat has been busy building some final packs and building some … Continue reading

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