Dreamhost Outage

Dreamhost is having some problems:

There has apparently been another power outage at the datacenter. One of the generators caught fire and they were taken offline. We’re waiting for more information and we’ll post here as soon as we hear anything.

Neat. Sounds like it could be a pretty bad outage. Hopefully my personal site will be back up soon.

UPDATE: Well, Dreamhost is on it’s way back up, although my personal site is still down. This datacenter touts itself as one of the most reliable. Granted, accidents happen, but two outages in one week from L.A.?

Lots of customers are pissed off, as they probably should be. Those links are to customers comments on the most recent post at the DreamHost Blog. I’m lucky enough that the only sites I have there are personal and don’t really matter. I feel for the people trying to run a business with Dreamhost. I had problems at work with Bluehost, but nothing like this.

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