Slackware ChangeLog: September 9th

Looks like there were 2 additions to the -current changelog. Looks like Patrick didn’t want to wake his wife to build some kernels…how sweet!?!?! Anyway, here is the changelog:

Sat Sep 9 14:56:38 CDT 2006
kernels/huge26.s/*: Upgraded huge26.s kernel to
Upgraded to Linux generic kernel.
Upgraded to Linux kernel headers.
Upgraded to Linux kernel modules.
Upgraded to Linux kernel source.
[ Andrea was asleep when I noticed these, and I didn’t want to find out
what happens when one wakes one’s sleeping wife and asks her to start
building kernels, so… ]
Sat Sep 9 01:18:53 CDT 2006
d/ruby-1.8.4-i486-2.tgz: As it would so happen, ruby-1.8.5 fixes a security
problem, but also breaks a considerable number of things, including Ruby on
Rails (RoR being one of the biggest appeals of Ruby), and other applications
that make interesting use of it. So, for now anyway — back to 1.8.4.
kde/amarok-1.4.3-i486-2.tgz: This was the only thing that touched the tainted
Ruby. 😉 Seriously, this will all get straightened out, but we have a
release to do. Should we wait for everyone to adopt the new Ruby API/ABI?
Or must it be: “works” / “secure” — pick one? 🙂 It’s always best to use
the right tool for the job or you can get hurt. Remember shop class?
kde/kdesdk-3.5.4-i486-2.tgz: Recompiled with configure flags that allow the
apr libraries to be found. Thanks to Giacomo Lozito.
y/bsd-games-2.13-i486-8.tgz: “pom” now supports a reasonable number of digits
with a command line option, as noted in the man page. Default behavior has
not been changed (it is still a rounded integer percentage). My own patch
didn’t live long enough to see birth in a stable release, but who cares. 🙂
Thanks to Eric Hameleers (who loves a good time-waster) for the better patch.
I knew he wouldn’t be able to resist this one. ;->
bootdisks/raid.s: Reverted to the old megaraid driver since regaraid2 is
already in the scsi2.s bootdisk.
kernels/huge26.s/*: Fixed USB keyboard support in the installer (at least
tested on CD/DVD media). Thanks to Bruce Hill, Jr. for pointing out that
this was no longer working.
Please note that if you install with this you still need kernel-modules
from /extra, and that there’s no alsa-driver for this kernel because it’s
all built into kernel-modules and kernel-headers (well, and the kernel :-).
ALSA 1.0.11/12 specifically DO NOT support these newer kernels. Check out
the SUPPORTED_KERNELS file in the alsa-driver source. Feel free to play
with various combinations (many DO work, but without any noticable
improvement to me). I try very hard to not break your sound system, but
I’m already bending the rules with alsa-driver-1.0.11_2.4.33.3…
Also, if you find bugs in stuff I don’t ship, contact the appropriate
maintainer too, please. I am not the hg repository for everything I ship.
(I know, I do look remarkably similar 😉
“Is this the spacecraft assembly building?”
kernels/raid.s/*: Moved from the megaraid2 driver to the old megaraid
driver, after it was pointed out that megaraid2 is already in scsi2.s.

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  3. cellx says:

    hey! Maybe Pat will release slackware 11 on the 14th of September. that way it will be 1 year since the last release!!

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