Suggestions for HOW-TOs?

Post up some suggestions on some HOW-TOs that you guys would like to see here on the Slackware Blog.  If there are some good ones then we will take them and make them a reality!  Let us know!


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I am a Infrastructure Engineer in Houston, TX. I am also a music lover and enjoying spinning on my turntables after a stressful day at the office. I also run another blog (personal) @ This blog has posts about my personal life and updates on videos I post to YouTube.
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8 Responses to Suggestions for HOW-TOs?

  1. bassmadrigal says:

    HOWTO on getting xgl and 3ddesktop working. I have been having nothing but issues.

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  3. dosnlinux says:

    Since we’re going to have multiple people making the how to should we come up with some sort of scheme for conventions? (what’s typed, what’s for a person to fill in, etc…)

  4. Bing says:

    Webcam HOWTO (for those running newest kernel + slck 11)

    **A note for people with mic troubles, if you’re using 5.1 speakers you may need to switch from ‘shared’ to ‘independent’ mode for the microphone input to work.**

  5. JamesB says:

    I think a webcam how-to would be great…Hell, I might even take that one! Mainly because I currently have my webcam setup at work running Motion to keep an eye on my office when I am away…So I think that I will try to put that one together this weekend or Monday.

  6. dosnlinux says:

    Power saving/ACPI

    This is something I’m really having trouble with right now. I would like to know how to get full ACPI working without installing extra packages unless absolutely necessary.

  7. slackternet says:

    How to do everything required to set up wireless internet for a desktop user on a fresh install of Slackware, in the easiest way possible, using the most compatible hardware.

  8. ThunderWolf says:

    The guide to mount your domestic Slackware Home/web Server. Would be a really interenting reading.

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