Slackware ChangeLog: November 9th

This is a little late and I don’t know if we are tracking changes this early in the development cycle, but here it is.

Thu Nov 9 18:16:50 CST 2006
Q: Hey, what’s the deal with -current?
A: Renovations are underway to the toolchain (gcc, glibc, binutils, etc),
and it makes little sense to update what is essentially Slackware 11.0
only to do the work all over again once the new toolchain is ready.
In addition, these things aren’t going as smoothly as anticipated.
I’d like to put the NPTL version of glibc into /lib and the LinuxThreads
version into /lib/obsolete/linuxthreads (since some old binaries are
going to need them), but doing this prevents the use of a 2.4 kernel.
Perhaps it’s finally time to drop support for Linux 2.4? Personally,
I’d rather not as 2.4 is more forgiving of flaky hardware and thus
tends to get better uptimes (at least on the servers I run ;-).
Comments about this issue are welcomed.
glibc-2.5 has also been having some problems with locale support here
that need to be investigated and dealt with. I’d rather base the glibc
in Slackware on an official glibc release, but using the development
repo is also something under (slight) consideration if it works better.

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