Alternative Package Tools

We’re still alive!!!

Sorry about the lack of updates. I completely missed the 12.0 release. I still haven’t been able to get the DVD to burn correctly to try it out. (I guess DVD’s don’t like being transported across the country in a packed car)


Maybe pkgtools don’t do enough for you, maybe you want a GUI, or maybe you just want to be different. Either way there are several different ways to manage your packages on Slackware.

Programs that convert between package types (like Alien) are not included in this list.

Package Creation


  • BuildPKG – package creation tool similar to Arch’s makepkg (different from Slack’s)
  • CheckInstall – makes a package by wrapping the “make install” step of compiling
  • Frogz – source package creation tool
  • makepack – dependency tracking source package compiler
  • mkpkg – toolkit for automagically building slackware or OpenLab packages
  • slacktrack – tool to assist with building Slackware packages from the $ scripts

Dependancy Tracking


  • amypkg – dependency tracking package manager
  • Slackdeptrack – tool to list dependencies of installed packages
  • slack-get(maybe here too) – apt-get like auto-updater
  • slapt-get – APT like system for Slackware
  • Slackselect – dselect-like package manager
  • SWareT – dependency tracking update tool





  • Getpkg – menu driven downloader and installer
  • spkg – Slackware package manager written in C

Update Tools


ChangeLog Viewers




  • Emerde – port of Gentoo’s portage system
  • CruxPorts4Slack – Allows you to use Crux ports system on Slackware



  • pack-age – tells number of days a package hasn’t been used
  • Slaktool – project to improve the Slackware package manager

Still want more? Try searching for Slackware at Freshmeat or Sourceforge. There’s a lot more neat stuff left to be discovered.

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8 Responses to Alternative Package Tools

  1. Hi, great info site!

    Here come my 2 cents.
    For the GUI section: QTGZManager.

    Thank you.

  2. Forgot to post QTGZManager’s official site:

    Thank you.

  3. Hey great post!
    Im the developer of a new package manager for slackware linux with GUI.

    Its called “Slackpack” and you can find it here:

    Thank you.

  4. sory, forgot to ask you if you can add it to the list 🙂

  5. BaBoKa says:


    Great page!

    Could you put “SwUT” to the list?

    Thank you

  6. DaniFP says:

    Great list! Thanks a ton for it 😎

  7. Gilbert says:

    You also missed the ‘premier’ package creation tool ‘src2pkg’:

  8. Pingback: How can I search for unofficial packages in Slackware? *Packages like guake terminal*

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