Possible MythTV Slackware Distro?

So here is what I am thinking of doing…I think I am going to create a Slackware-MythTV distro…or branch, as it were…What are your thoughts on this and would you think that there would be an interest in such a thing?

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I am a Infrastructure Engineer in Houston, TX. I am also a music lover and enjoying spinning on my turntables after a stressful day at the office. I also run another blog (personal) @ http://www.confiscatedthoughts.com. This blog has posts about my personal life and updates on videos I post to YouTube.
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13 Responses to Possible MythTV Slackware Distro?

  1. tnkflx says:

    I was also thinking about this, however I would take the standard Slackware install and then some extra packages with MythTV etc instead of rolling my own distro…

  2. John says:

    Sounds like an interesting and useful idea, however I don’t think there is a need for you to reinvent the wheel.

    One of the developers for Dropline Gnome has some MythTV packages built for Slack 12 that do not depend on Dropline. They are available here:

    I’ve found another blog of someone writing SlackBuilds for MythTV with some howto’s. No iidea how well his packages work, but I’m sure it’s worth a look-see.

    Hope it goes well for you.

  3. dosnlinux says:

    I’d like to see something like a Slackware based Geexbox (http://www.geexbox.com/)

    Use only the bare minimum Slackware system packages to get myth TV running with all the multimedia dodads.

    Maybe have basic network support for watching youtube videos and fetching videos (or DVD isos) off a network or streaming audio?

  4. JamesB says:

    I was thinking of creating something like MythDora or Mythbuntu…not just packages but something that will just install a ready to use MythTV box.

  5. Joe C says:

    Are you thinking like a live cd? Or a mostly automated install cd that gets you up and running with just what you need? Or packages and installers for someone whos already installed SW?

  6. JamesB says:

    I was thinking of mainly an automated install that gets you up and running with what you need. Although a livecd would be something to probably follow it or come along with it.

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  8. mvdvarrier says:

    I think it is a good idea to make a mythtv + slackware combo which will be a boon for low end hardware. I think that this distro should contain only very essential packages to make it lean and mean. Light window manager should be added to make it less resource hungry.
    Wish you good luck in making such a distro

  9. I would be ALL OVER a Slackware-based MythTV distro. Slackware is my Linux distro of choice, and I’ve had a MythTV box for over a year now. I “deal” with KnoppMyth and MythDora… but I would SO rather be using Slackware. I keep thinking one of these days I am going to try to install MythTV on Slackware myself, but … I just dont think I’m that brave. 🙂

  10. JamesB says:

    Well, the process has already begun. Once I am ready and complete, the site will be going online and I will be looking for people to help out. I have already settled on a name and have the domain ready to go. I will definitely keep everyone posted on this.

  11. Fantastic! If you need testing assistance, I’d be more than glad to help out. Best of luck!!!

  12. Matt Shaw says:

    Any progress on this ???

  13. NefariousAryq says:

    Yes, any progress? I have, since finding this thread in March, switched my Myth box over to running Slackware… it works, but its sure hacked together. A “real” Slackware-based Myth distro would be fantastic.

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