Shaking the Dust Off

Woah! Is it just me or has this thing gotten dusty? Outdated ChangeLogs, outdated SlackBuilds, there’s outdated everything! A lot has changed with Slackware since the last post. It’s time to try and shake the dust off again and try to make the Slackware Blog useful to the Slackware community.

There’s just one problem. Why does the Slackware Blog exist? Without a clear purpose the Slackware Blog is bound to become outdated again. So, what do you want to see from us? What useful service can we provide?

Personally, I think that the Slackware Blog should be a place where you can come to find out what is happening in the world of Slackware at a glance. At least every other week it would be nice to get a summary of what is going on with Slackware and the major Slackware sites/projects. Just the key points from log files, community news, and major changes to key Slackware sites.

Finding out what is “important” will take some time and tweaking, but with community help the Slackware Blog can once again be useful!

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4 Responses to Shaking the Dust Off

  1. Justin says:

    I think I would like to here about how slackware can be modded for the desktop. Who else is using it, commercially and at home? What makes Slackware great? Reviews of different Slackware-based distros and what tweaks they make? Things along these lines.

    • dosnlinux says:

      Sounds like a cool idea! Those would be great ways to break up the monotony of the “this week in Slackware” type stuff even if they were just thrown in occasionally. Thanks

  2. JamesB says:

    Absolutely. Sorry I have been away but life has taken over and things are just now starting to slow down for me. I suppose going back to work on the blog might be a good idea, eh?

  3. arfab says:

    There could be a few articles outlining basic tutorials. Not just simple stuff, but maybe common problems faced on Or maybe some stuff that outlines “The Slackware Way” of doing things.

    You could also review some of the newer tools available for Slackware that weren’t present a few releases back such as sbopkg.

    I’m a fan of the Slackermedia project, and I’m sure they’d love a mention if you had a chance.


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