64-bit Slackware!!!

Slackware has now gone 64-bit with an official x86_64 port being maintained in-sync with the regular x86 -current branch. “We’ve been developing and testing Slackware64 for quite a while. Most of the team is already using Slackware64 on their personal machines, and things are working well enough that it is time to let the community check our work.” DVDs will be available from the Slackware store with the release of Slackware 13.0.


About JamesB

I am a Infrastructure Engineer in Houston, TX. I am also a music lover and enjoying spinning on my turntables after a stressful day at the office. I also run another blog (personal) @ http://www.confiscatedthoughts.com. This blog has posts about my personal life and updates on videos I post to YouTube.
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6 Responses to 64-bit Slackware!!!

  1. dosnlinux says:

    Is this what happened to Slamd64? Seems like I remember reading a while back that Slamd64/Linux became Slamd64/Hurd.

  2. JamesB says:

    Not sure but it is nice to finally have a fully supported 64bit release.

  3. Josh Glenn says:

    I never have tried a 64bit version of slackware as yet. And I’ve been using it on and off for quite some time. Slackware has come a very long way over the years.

    Josh. G

  4. christian says:

    I have recently installed x86 coming from the difference is much faster hello, congratulations for the blog.

  5. Hi James, we are a firm of architects who recently updated out systems to 64 bit..We use CAD/photopshop and Adobe masters on constant basis 64 bit has helped speed up systems greatly..

  6. LunarLinux+Slackware says:

    Slackware the best.

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