Zenwalk Live 6.0

Pierrick Le Brun has announced the release of Zenwalk Live 6.0, a live CD edition of the popular Slackware-based distribution: “Zenwalk Live 6.0, the latest Zenwalk in a live CD format, is ready! Based on Zenwalk’s current repository, Zenwalk live 6.0 is an almost perfect clone of the latest Zenwalk 6.0 with the addition of the latest security patches and bug fixes. Zenwalk Live 6.0 uses version 6.2.9 of the Linux-Live scripts and its kernel is patched with Aufs, Squashfs and LZMA with sqlzma. Our native utilities, LiloFix and LiveClone, have been entirely rewritten in Glade/Python and new functionalities have been added to LiveClone. If you’ve just recently migrated to Linux, a beginner’s guide will assist and guide you through all the basics.” Read the rest of the release announcement for further information. Download: zenwalk-live-6.0.iso (686MB, MD5).


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8 Responses to Zenwalk Live 6.0

  1. dosnlinux says:

    Zenwalk is awesome! It’s my number two Linux distribution. I use it mainly when I want something a bit more pre-configured for home use than Slackware is. The last version I tried was 5.0 (5.2 didn’t like my DVD drive) so it might be time to try this distro out again.

  2. M. Ali Osmanoglu says:

    I have just installed Zenwalk 6.0 live version on my USB flash drive. This is more faster than installing on CD. My question is that it is possible to make Zenwalk Live on USB save last session icluding desktop settings, saved files to user’s home directory and installed drivers? When I reboot Zenwalk Live, all desktop settings that i did, home directory content and installed drivers does not exist any more.

  3. neuronos says:

    I use file zensave.xsf from “persist” on hard drive but do not save settings !
    There is a workaround for this ?
    May be to specify path for zensave.xsf , in menu_xx.cfg ?

    Thanks !

  4. neuronos says:

    There is a way !
    Unpack /zenlive/persist/save128.zip (or 256, 512 according to your need ) to USB

    make some changes to save more space on Live instalation
    For Icewesel, Firefox or else : change path for save, downloads to be direct on USB not in default folders !
    I have Ubuntu but i like more Zenwalk, is awesome !

  5. Texas says:

    You cannot beat Zenwalk!
    I have been using the 5. version but think it is worth while giving this Distro ago.

  6. Seiss says:

    The pre-configured features of Zenwalk certainly saves me time. I really don’t care for Slackware for that very reason.

  7. I use Distro- I think its better than version 5.

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